Giving voice to words

Outloud takes inaccessible text and transforms it into spoken word.


We are live!

Outloud has launched its Outloud Reader!

See Morgan in his Krem 2 News special feature! In this interview, Morgan showcases his inspiration for the Outloud Reader and the evolution of its creation.


Issues with reading can cause tremendous frustration and impede the learning experience of otherwise capable and intelligent students. Outloud’s aim is to reduce the friction for learners with unique communications needs, such as visually impaired or dyslexic students, by transforming lifeless text into well articulated speech.



Here’s how to get the most from our app!

  • Quality pictures are key for getting correct verbal recall

    • Try to keep pages as flat as possible

    • Hold the phone as steady as you are able

    • Use your phone’s light when possible

    • Try to avoid glare from glossy pages

    • Crop out any mathematical equations